Prime Minister says cabinet ministers had no suspicious involvement with William Mason

Prime Minister Dean Barrow, in a rare media visit, was guest on Love FM’s morning show on Wednesday morning and spoke about several issues, pressing among them is the murder of Llewelyn Lucas at the hands of William Mason who seemed to have developed relationships with several members of cabinet. Prime Minister Barrow said today that he spoke to his ministers at Tuesdays’ cabinet meeting about William Mason  and his relationship with any of the ministers. He said that he is satisfied that no minister who had a relationship with Mason engaged in anything illegal. On leaving the Love FM studio, other media journalists waited outside for the PM to ask their own burning questions. The Prime Minister says that while some of his ministers had interactions with Mason, no one would have guessed that Mason was a threat to society in such a way.

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“He had gyp a couple of people in Belmopan and so there was some knowledge of report circulating as to his being a con-man. There was never as far as I can determine any suggestion that the man was a would be murderer, a kidnapper; somebody who engaged in violence. I don’t know the fellow. There can’t be no business of the man that says he got some kind of protection, which allowed him to continue to pose a threat to public safety, while the police knew that he constituted that. Nobody knew as far as I can determine.”

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