Prime Minister Speaks on Rod of Correction

vlcsnap-2014-05-06-18h06m25s49The Prime Minister of Belize hosted a press conference this afternoon in Belize City.

With numerous social issues raised recently and the formation of an amalgamation of unions, social and activist organizations, the Prime Minister spent a great deal of the press conference addressing not only the formation of the Rod of the Correction, but the issues represented by major members of ROC.

While the PM says ROC may be trying to fuel a  fire that doesn’t exist, he also says that the concerns expressed by the BNTU, BGYEA, the Pharmacist Association, and the Nurses Association are legitimate concerns.

He says talks and negotiations continue with all of these entities . However, he says that  the NTUCB put ROC together because it is  motivated by self-interest.

He accused the NTUCB of being disrespectful and rude.  The press conference ended well after 4:00 this evening.  Therefore, we will have much more on the content of the press conference in tomorrow’s newscast.

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