Prime Minister Visits South, Central and West during Elections

The Prime Minister was on the road visiting polling stations across the country during yesterday’s elections. Plus News caught up with Prime Minister Dean Barrow in Benque Viejo after he had made stops in Belmopan and San Ignacio. We understand that he was coming from Dangriga Town where he spent an overnight attending a UDP rally and encouraging voters down south.

Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize
: Well that rally was extremely successful; pumping crowds and lots of spirit of enthusiasm so I thought it was a fitting way to cap our pre – election rallies. This morning I spent an hour and a half or so circling the various polling areas in Dangriga trying to encourage our workers and campaigners and trying to push them to get out to vote then drove to Belmopan. I spent a little while there and then to San Ignacio ,Santa Elena ,Benque, which was the last stop. After this,I turn around and tried to get back into Belize City so I could cast my vote and have perhaps circle a few of the polling areas in the city. Well in Belmopan this morning you can’t necessarily judge by the number of campaigners in the respective camps under the respective tents. If that’s any indication at all now the UDP appears to be miles ahead and even in terms of the voters line you saw people by far with red shirts than they were other voters ,pictures that I’ve seen from Punta Gorda where we had a massive rally on Monday night again line seem to be completely dominated by those in red T shirts ,so I feel absolutely confident of certainty that Belmopan and Punta Gorda . Dangriga I think is more problematic for the UDP but I still feel that UDP is going to win there. I think everything came together at the last moment and so I think that their excellency placed and will win .Come now to Santa Elena ,San Ignacio where I stopped. In Santa Elena that’s where the battle seems to be hottest in terms of the emotions running very high and fortunately the police were there to keep the two sides apart but again I had the impression that our numbers were far greater than the rest, far exceeding theirs and I don’t see that there is going to be any slip so I think that once again we will be victorious in San Ignacio ,Santa Elena. Here in Benque it is not quite as animated as some of the other places I’ve been to but I spoke to Marconi, our Mayoral Candidate, and he is absolutely confident that  there is no way we will not win .

The Prime minister was asked if he had any concerns about the North which is a strong hold for the UDP.

Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister of Belize: Clearly Orange Walk we have to concede that. That’s the leader of the opposition’s strong hold. That’s the council that the control we are giving it all that we have and for sure we are going to make it a fight but I can’t go beyond that. Corozal again has always been close and so we expect that it will be close again but we feel confident that as before has happened historically we will have the edge and so we feel pretty sure that we will come through there as well.

As we said earlier, late this afternoon, the Prime Minister held a press conference. We will have more on that later on.

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