Prison officer is charged with possession of controlled drugs

Today a prison officer was arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court charged with the offense of possession of a control drugs, to wit, 31 grams.   Last night,, Sho who worked as a Prison Officer at the Kolbe Foundation reported for work and during a routine check, authorities found him in possession of 31 grams of cannabis inside his knapsack.
This morning, Sho, appeared before Magistrate Ladonna John where he pleaded guilty to the charge and told the judge, “It was just a set up.”   Magistrate John asked him then why he was pleading guilty to something he had no knowledge of but Sho who was unrepresented in court chose to maintain a guilty plea. Magistrate John then fined him $500 plus cost of court of which he was ordered to pay by July 30, 2015. Iin default, 6 months imprisonment.

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