Prisoner accused of Abou-Nehra home invasion involvement attempts to kill self

Police in the Eastern Division (Rural) were kept quite busy over the weekend following their arrest and capture of 25 year old Lane Grinage, facing multiple charges in the home invasion of Lebanese diplomat Sarkis Abou-Nehra. Sometime on Saturday after he was brought to Ladyville from Seine Bight where he was captured, he was found trying to strangle himself with a red rag in one of the holding cells at the Ladyville Police Station. With more here is Officer Commanding Eastern Division (Rural), Senior Superintendent of Police Edward Broaster.


Sr. Supt Edward Broaster, Eastern Division (Rural): The burglary, I know that you all reported that we arrested Lane Grinage last week. Nevertheless over the weekend we had an incident in our cell block where Mr. Lane Grinage attempted to commit suicide. vlcsnap-4438-04-10-03h04m40s236Fortunately for us because of the surveillance mechanism that we put in place after we had a suicide in our cell block at Ladyville Police Station, the officers were alerted and were able to get into the cell block and get to Mr. Grinage where he was rushed to the BDF Medical Centre and then alter transported to the Karl Hushner Memorial Hospital where he underwent treatment and I believe still is there if I’m not mistaken. The doctors were not willing to release him until he was able to receive physiological evaluation. He also left a suicide note, of which the details I will not go into because we may use to note in evidence for the aggravated burglary.

Grinage will face charges for his role in the Abou-Nehra incident, but of greater interest to police at present is the contents of the suicide note, which they did not disclose as it is a piece of evidence in the case, and how he was able to get a hold of pen and paper to write the suicide note. Police have opened an investigation at their end as to possible official neglect. As for Grinage, he has been officially psychologically reviewed and is expected to head to court. According to Broaster, the contents of the note did not necessarily provide any further leads for police in their investigation, and they had no indication that Grinage was suffering any kind of obvious psychological disorder; indeed, Broaster said that Grinage was cooperating, “somewhat”, when he was brought in and faced questioning. Turning to the investigation itself, Broaster says police continue to search for the firearms stolen in the incident.


Reporter: Have you come closer to recovering the weapons? And leads?vlcsnap-5331-10-07-13h35m02s543

Sr. Supt Edward Broaster, Eastern Division (Rural): We’re still working on the firearm as we speak. Hopefully we may recover the guns. We’re working around the clock to endeavor, to recover those firearms because we know that those are 6 firearms that criminals can use to commit crime anywhere In Belize. We’re encouraging the community that if they see something just say something to us and hopefully we can stop these guys.

Police would not say how they know that the caretaker and his wife attacked in the invasion were spared their lives, nor whether the robbers were looking for something specific during their systematic search of the residence of Abou-Nehra.

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