Prisoner escapes from police; family questions police account

A resident of Belmopan was detained on Friday for questioning in a rape investigation.  The individual apparently escaped police custody and the family took the matter to Facebook after they say police harassed them and accused them of helping the individual to escape. The allegations on facebook includied the police officer’s name who allegedly threatened that  if the family did not locate the escaped individual, he would be in danger of death. While we had the chance today, we asked Inspector Stephanie Grinage to fill us in on that particular case.

Insp. Stephanie Grinage, Assistant Officer Commanding Belmopan Formation: There was a report made against this individual so the Police did their investigation and that’s why the charges will be levied against this young man. After their initial investigation the Police will levied their charges.  vlcsnap-2016-04-12-15h17m34s737

Again, no charges have been laid against the individual as yet.

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