Professional Standards Branch investigates two shootings by Police

A mid-day burglary took an unexpected turn for the culprit today. Police say that they responded to a burglary in progress in the Los Lagos Area and when they arrived there, they saw 27 year old Lenny Bengueche, a Ladyville resident, hiding behind the house. Shortly after, 23 year old Ryan Lozano, also a resident of Laydville, came out of the house with a crowbar and knife in hand. Police opened fire, hitting him once in the abdomen. Lozano was taken to the KHMH, where is currently undergoing treatment. As a standard operational procedure, the Professional Standards Branch is investigating the shooting.

The Professional Standards Branch is investigating another shooting by Police, this one happened on Wednesday afternoon. A little before 1:30pm, Police conducted a search on North Creek Street, where they found some green leafy vegetable substance, suspected to be cannabis inside a metal container. Further searches at the house also turned up the same type substance in a plate on top of a table stove. At the time, resident 24 year old Arnold Anderson was at the home. And so the drugs were weighed in front of him and amounted to some 1.8 grams. Anderson was then arrested for two count of possession of a controlled drug. Now sometime during the search, Anderson was shot to the foot. And so an investigation into the matter has been launched.

Correction: The previous version of the above story used the name “Darren Roches” as given to the Media by police. The correct name of the victim is Arnold Anderson.  

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