Prosperous year for Holy Redeemer Credit Union

Nearly 50,000 members, almost half a billion dollars in total assets,and a net profit of nearly 27 million dollars; all in all, 2012-13 was another great year for the member-owners of the Holy Redeemer Credit Union (HRCU), who gathered in Belize City at the SJC gymnasium on Saturday to hear from their leaders. HRCU president Karl H. Menzies recalled the humble beginning of the credit union when in 1944, three young women put in 25 cents each. One of them became the credit union’s long-standing general manager and treasurer, Mrs. Jane Usher, who last year was appointed a director emeritus in addition to her regular posts. The union reported total assets of 458.9 million dollars with a loan portfolio of 254 million, of which about 7.3% is delinquent. Total savings at March 31 stood at just over 361 million, reserves were 93.6 million and gross profit was 36 million less expenses of 9 million for the net profit of 26 million. Members were paid a dividend rate of 6% and interest rebate of 15%. The board of directors includes president Karl H. Menzies, vice-president Fred smith, secretary Oscar Riveroll, treasurer Mrs. Jane usher and directors René Blanco and Kathlyn Tillett.

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