Protest delays cycling election in the West

vlcsnap-2013-04-15-21h25m52s127Last week we told you about a protest filed by representatives of the cycling community in the West. That protest has now delayed the national election that was set for Wednesday, April 17. We’ll have more on that later in this story, but first to the University of the West Indies compound where on Saturday afternoon, elections proceeded with 44 delegates voting for seven executive positions. In a contrast to elections held in the South and West where persons not originally registered before the March 11 deadline set nonetheless participated in the election, on our arrival we met several persons in the same predicament locked out of the room where elections were taking place. Nonetheless, the following seven persons were elected: Orson Butler in a contested vote of 38 to 6 over John Swift for president; Dion Leslie unanimously as vice-president, Leticia Westby unanimously as secretary, Perry Gibson unanimously as treasurer; and Fitzgerald “Palas” Joseph, Sheena Castillo and Tricia Gabourel as committee members. PLUS News spoke with Butler after the election.

Orson Butler – President Central Zone:
vlcsnap-2013-04-15-21h25m11s43I’ve been in the sport for 21 years.  Now I have the chance to build back the sport to where it was when I was a young boy in the sport, to try and move the sports forward.  The team is a team that will work together for the best interests of cycling in Belize.

As for the status of the elections to be held nationwide we caught up with election supervisor and Olympic president Hilly Martinez for an update.

Hilly Martinez – Election Supervisor:
vlcsnap-2013-04-15-21h25m31s253It would have to be put off, depending on what the legal council recommends. I don’t know when we’ll be meeting, but as soon as we get the results, depending on what they rule, we’ll see what we do. So the 17th is off, until a further date.
[With respect to elections in the South Zone] We got a letter from Mr Westby and Cory Gibson, one from Dion.  That again has been passed on to the legal council.

And when that election is called, Butler, whose executive has six votes out of 15, says they will be ready.

Orson Butler – President Central Zone:
We’re here to work with everyone.  Belize City is 6 votes because of the amount of members we have. The West is 3 votes. The South is 3 votes, and the North is 3 votes. Now we have to come together for the best interests of the sport. So we’ll see how the election plays out, and hopefully we can continue sports in the best way possible.

Incumbent president Emil Moreno, Butler and Leslie are among the rumored candidates for national president.

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