Protestors want Hon. Marco Tulio Menedez to step down

As we have reported, PUP area representative Dr. Marco Tulio Mendez is in the middle of a nasty divorce that has found its way in the media spotlight. That is mainly because, reports have circulated that two minors have accused the Area Representative of inappropriate relations with them. Up to our news time, no report has been made to the police on the matter and no charges have been levied against Dr, Mendez and so, as it stands, the reports are only speculative at this point.

vlcsnap-2015-01-31-09h02m33s187marco11.11.14But a group of Orange Walk residents are not waiting for any charges to be pressed. They are demanding that Doctor Mendez step down as Area Representative.

On Friday, a small group of protestors made its way in front of the Orange Walk Town Hall, demanding that Marco Mendez resigns or is removed as Area Representative.

As we have reported previously, long before the rumours of sexual indiscretions began circulating, Dr. Mendez had indicated that he would not be returning to run for elections due to health reasons.

PUP Party leader, Hon. Francis Fonseca has told the media that he will make a decision about Dr.Mendez based only on evidence and not rumours or speculations.

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