Protests over Baby Alyssa’s abuse and death

As we said, there was a crowd in front of the court house today where several persons gathered to voice their frustration over such a horrific crime and desire for justice to be served. We spoke to a few of them this morning.

Mark Rheno, protestor  

I close my restaurant for a day just to come and support, and if I have to do it again I would do it again so guys please try and understand this is important this could happen to anybody at any given time this could happen to one of our child, one of the women even to boys this is happening today so don’t get it twisted not only little girls molestation is all over every where

 Dr Candice Pitts, Protestor

I came out here first, as a Belizean as a woman as a potential mother, sister, aunt, friend and more importantly as a human being. The truth of the matter is that we live in a society that inflicts all manner of violence on women and on girls we live in a society that does not respect the female body that does not value the female body and I think that we need to send a strong message to our society that what happened to Alyssa could never ever happen again and it’s sad that it takes the death of a child for us to think about what could possibly what could potentially be happening behind closed doors. We see in public because the child died but what could be happening to the other children who cannot speak we need to make sure that our society understands this society in intolerable we need to create a better society where our children can live better and where they can safer and feel free.

  My office is an advocacy office and I do everything in my power to advocate for women and our children to set a solution to everything not everything we do will solve our issues it will take all of us. Our police officers, our Judiciary system, our media, our teachers ultimately at the end of the day it begins at home and it ends in the home our mothers have to be more vigilant when it comes to our poor girls and our boys this has been happening for years but we have given voice to these issues that’s why this is happening that’s why we know about this today our doctors are finally calling it what it is and they’re reporting it.

While there was protest this morning in front of the courthouse, there was also  a public protest held on Sunday in Belize City, demanding justice for Baby Alyssa. The father of Baby Allyssa, Terence Nunez, was filled with grief when he spoke to the media after his daughter’s death on Sunday.

Father of Baby Allyssa, Terence Nunez

 My baby never really deserve that I try my best to raise my baby to the fullest to make someone who’s not even in my position right now who doesn’t even put towards to raise my kid to do something so brutal and so severe and upon everything right now in regards to the hospital I cannot say the hospital didn’t try their best . They spoke to us in the beginning the doctor did spoke to us in the beginning in regards to what is the outcome for Alyssa , the head trauma what is the cause ,signing papers and getting things started to try and save her but it was so critical that words can’t even explain .

Mr Nunez also recounted the moments when his family got the news that his 17 month old daughter had passed away.

Father of Baby Allyssa, Terence Nunez

 I was outside just discussing with my family there was a time I went in to watch my baby and i was so heartbroken to watch her punish in that critical condition and so I stated to my family im just going to sit with you guys so I can try and bring myself back to a state of stableness so I can take on the big dash that happened this morning at 3:40 but before that scenario we had a problem whereby I got a call from the bigger mom stating that you have to come in cause apparently it looks like Alyssa has already given up so I went it and she showed me and I was like “I can see she cannot make it “ so one of the nurses pulled us aside and stated that she already passed away.

We also spoke to other persons who joined Sunday’s protest

  It sadden my heart to see how small this crowd small because just right here last week during nominations hundreds of people come out the politicians begged everyone to come out but when we need them the politicians they do not come out for us and talk about they don’t want to make it political.

  Sexually abused, emotionally abused, and physically abused stick with you it will never leave you so we care out here today.  I don’t know the family personally but I know I was a victim of abuse and I know that abuse don’t leave us. Thank God cause the little baby was punishing but she’s with God right now and that is the time when abuse get you and people don’t realize it the day when you close your eyes is when abuse leaves us it will not leave us before.

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