PSE Score Glitches Fixed?

The Ministry of Education has come under fire for glitches in its scoring of the Primary School Examination that left some students wondering what their grades actually were.

The scores released are preliminary, and as of last Friday which was the deadline for queries to be made, those with problems about their grades were addressed.

vlcsnap-2014-06-25-19h00m07s199Hon. Patrick Faber- Minister of Education

“Yes.  There were queries from Louisiana.  I believe that those have been addressed and that is a normal part of the process.  There were some glitches that we had to take care of, but again, we expected that. and we expect that in any cycle.  Our pledge and in our Ministry in our Exams unit is for us to do better every year.  So, we are hoping that next year, the kinds of issues that presented themselves this year, might not be there again and that people can remain confident and are pretty confident that these exams are good quality exams and that the results are reliable”.

The Minister specifically mentioned one school – Louisiana Government in Orange Walk – but left specifics to the Examinations Unit of the Ministry which administers the examination.

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