PSU say PACT retrenched worker

Last week we quoted parts of PACT’s press release on its Restructuring process where it seemed to us that it was talking about retrenchment  and wage cuts for some PACT employees to streamline its operational costs. However, a spokesperson from PACT told at least one media house that the press release was not in fact talking about retrenchment or wage cuts. However, today, the Public Service Union issued a press release saying that the Union has   “…been reliably informed that staff members of PACT have been  terminated as a direct result of ongoing restructuring exercise. The union has also learnt that the remaining staff were summoned to the office to sign contracts by the close of workday, yesterday, 23 January or risk continued employment with the organization.” The union says it has reviewed the terms of engagement under the new contracts and can confirm that the terms of engagement , quote, “leave much to be desired”.  PSU further says,“…. we are appalled at the shoddy and completely unlawful treatment of workers, many of whom have given years of dedicated service to the organization.”  The union says it points out that the forced coercion of workers to sign contracts of which they are not aware of its full implications goes against the labor laws of Belize and runs contrary to ILO Conventions. The Public Service Union says it calls on the Board of Directors of the Protected Areas Conservation Trust to also protect the interest of the workers, to abide by the labor laws of Belize and the provision of the ILO Conventions and to engage workers and their union in meaningful dialogue to ensure harmonious industrial relations.

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