PSU says Immigration Officers Should be Reinstated on Full Pay

vlcsnap-2014-01-20-21h33m03s49There is one other issue on this matter that the PSU addressed today and that is the suspension of the officers. On 23rd September, 2013, the Ministry placed the Neal, Robinson and Phillips on suspension, noting that it was “Satisfied that there has been a serious breach of the regulations and rules governing the issuance of this passport and that officers did, whether through negligence or acquiescence, allow a fraud to be perpetrated on the system.”

According to the PSU, that was a 30 day suspension, where the trio were to receive only 50% of their salary. But that 30 day period has expired and so the Union says that the law requires the Commission to reinstate the officers on full salary.

vlcsnap-2014-01-20-17h46m54s0Mr. Marvin Blades- President of the Public Service Union

 “Commission regulation states that an officer on 60 days will be suspended before any charges be levied upon him.  However, the amendment of 2011 states in 46- 2 (c) that an officer can only be suspended for nothing more than 30 days on half pay.  These officers if we  calculatehave been suspended for more than 90 days.  One of the letters that we had received was to extend that 90 days.  We wrote to say that cannot be; those officers have to be reinstated as of 30 days of that last suspension.  So, we are awaiting that decision from Commission because the labour laws amendment clearly state that you can’t go contrary to that”.

Reporter:  “ So, the Commission is acting in violation of the law?”

 Mr. Marvin Blades:  “Yeah.  That is how we are seeing it”.

Mr. Ray Davis:  “As far as we know, yes”.

vlcsnap-2014-01-20-18h38m54s14Mr. Ray Davis:  “We are at the forefront of these issues, we are these officers  are concerned and we are really leave the other hype and all the other things to political parties.  We quite understand that it is in that arena that that needs to be fought.

The Public Service Union says that they continue to advocate for a criminal inquiry on former Junior Minister’s Elvin Penner and that they do not intend on backpedaling from this position.

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