Public Park In Private Hands

When the City of Belmopan was being mapped out and the different zones were being subdivided, the different subdivisions had to leave not less than 7% of the subdivision for green an open spaces, as mandated by statute law under the land utilization act. Parcel number 6064, located in the Maya Mopan community is one of those green and open spaces that was allotted for the construction of amenities such as fire stations, hurricane shelters and police boots. But reliable information is that that parcel has since been sold off to a private investor. Former Zone Representative for the Maya Mopan community is now calling on the authorities to intervene and, if the transaction has already been made, to explain to them what will happen to the community hurricane shelter that has been in the pipeline, according to Jurencio Zaqui, since early 20’s.

Jurencio Zaqui  – Former Zone Rep, Maya Mopanvlcsnap-2015-08-11-10h38m52s179

“This land here, I see it about a year they started to chop it – different persons are chopping it. It is not City Council again.  I thought someone took a contract to clean the land but after all, when I see this last week, survey men came here to survey the land here on a Sunday. I don’t know why they came to survey the land on a Sunday. That’s why I want to know that this land is on sale for the people or I don’t know what City Council is doing.  We, the people of Maya Mopan want to know if this land is  still – or what they want to do.  Will they start to build a hurricane shelter or something? We want to know. This land is for the people of Maya Mopan, for the future of Maya Mopan. It is not for me, if it’s for the future of Maya Mopan. I am old, I don’t want anything again but it is for the future of Maya Mopan. That is why we. the people of Maya Mopan have to stand up  to get this land back again.”

Jurencio Zaqui said that this is the first step that they are taking, in appealing to the Mayor and Area Representative to intervene and ensure the community land remains for the community.

Jurencio Zaqui

“This is the beginning, but if they don’t want to stop, then we have to do something else. It is not my fight, I am fighting for the people of Maya Mopan. This is not politics. I told the Area Representative or  the Mayor of Belmopan for them to come check it. If not, we are going to the front of the office to do something else. This is the first step. Let us try to deal with this problem here. We don’t want this close election here to say this and that, we want to see it now.

 Emanuel Pech  – Plus  TV Reporter

“Have you spoken to the Mayor or the Area Representative?

 Jurencio Zaqui  vlcsnap-2015-08-11-10h38m24s158

“No, I have not spoken to any of them yet. I have not gone to the office yet, but I don’t know what to do now but this is the first step like I told you. Let  him come check because see the cement there, see the cement pillars. That means they already sold the land.

 Our understanding is that rumours of a transaction of the park were because  circulating several years ago, but it is only now that there is actual physical evidence, in the form of survey pegs, which is why the former zone representative is now raising concern about the issue.

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