Public Service Fair 2017

This week is being observed as Public Service Week and today, the 10th annual Public Service day fair vlcsnap-00139was held in Belmopan at the Belmopan Comprehensive School. We spoke to Julia Lewis who told us more about today’s event.

Julia Lewis, Ministry of Public Service & Information: Today we are celebrating public service information day. This all stared 12 years ago when Belize partnered with the United Nation in celebrating public service day. The actual day is 23rd June, but today we’re having am information fair. At the fair we vlcsnap-00143are showcasing what it is that the various ministries and departments offer to the public. And today we have ministries like the ministry of the Public Service that spearheads all of this. We have the ministry of finance. Under finance today we have various departments like customs. We have the accountant general here with us, they’re here for the first time. We have income tax and we have GST. We have the attorney general ministry, we have the local government and the local government is the city council because we’re partnering with them. There’s human development, there’s the hospital; Western regional is here full force this year as they usually do, and we have bureau of standards. Outside we have the Coast Guard, we have BDF, and we have the police. Everybody has come out today in full force to offer information to the public and there are some departments that are actually offering services today.

As Lewis shared, there were numerous booths on display. We spoke to those at the NDAC and City Council booths.

Keilah Magani, Local Economic Dev. Manager, Belmopan City Council: We’re showcasing the different works that departments in the municipality do. We have devaluation department, the vlcsnap-00142local economic development department, transport, revenue and so on showing the works that we are doing at the city. Right now we have a special offer for the public servants. We have a 10% discount in property taxes for the month of June. Also we want to showcase new services that we are giving to the public. We have a newly established business support desk under the local economic development department and this desk assists the community in Belmopan with their trade license processes if you want assistance in trading and developing a business. Or if you want to present a business plan to a financial institution, we are here to help you.   

Public Service week is being held under the theme, “With Confidence-Achieving Excellence with Pride – Executing responsibilities with Perseverance – Beyond the call of duty.”

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