Public Service Union fully supports members of Audit Department

The Public Service Union says it fully supports the members of the Audit Department that are agitating for a change of Auditor General;  In a press release late yesterday the PSU came out strongly against Auditor General Dorothy Bradley for what they call  “dastardly administrative practices. The press releases identifies five areas to which they say they made complaints to the Prime Minister;  ”Erosion of the Integrity of the Performance Appraisal system, unjustifiable re-designations, unfair recommendations for transfers, making of false reports to the police about officers, and misleading the Public service commission.” After Friday’s House meeting, Prime Minister Dean Barrow confirmed that he had been aware of the complaints from employees at the Audit Department but that doing anything at the time could have been misconstrued as interference especially at the time of the Senate Select Committee’s deliberations. The discontent led to a sick-out by the staff to bring media and national attention to the issue. The Union says it spent as much as two years addressing complaints and says its time for an independent investigation into her behavior.  The release ends by saying   we condemn the attitude of the Auditor general, which appears on the face of it to condone malice against members of her staff… workplace bullying and victimization must be brought to an abrupt end. Enough is Enough“. end of Quote.  END

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