Public Service Week 2018

Public Service week was officially opened on Sunday with a National Day of prayer for Public servants. This year’s public service week is being celebrated under the theme: Moving towards the future with innovation, dedication and perseverance.Throughout the entire week, events will be held to celebrate public servants across the nation.  Today,

Public Service Wellness Day was celebrated at the Western Regional Hospital in Belmopan. Plus News spoke to Rose Anderson, the Health Educator at the Western Regional Hospital, who told us about the free services being offered to Public Servants. 

Rose Anderson, Health Educator Western Regional Hospital: What we are doing here is providing services to public servants, which involves basically blood pressure testing, glucose testing, HIV testing and the VIA. The patients can come out here. They don’t have to get a number, they can come and be served under the tent here, while they spend some time out of the office. The entire week is celebrated as public service week. Today is special because we have a day set aside, when we can provide wellness services to public servants. So, they can some out and be served. Well, this morning it was tremendous with the public servants, we had a great crowd that came out and utilize the services, even the general public. And as you can see behind me, we still have people out here.

A Public Service Awards Ceremony will be held in San Ignacio tomorrow

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