Puerto Azul project at “standstill”

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In our last segment we told you about the Blackadore Caye resort that may be in the pipelines. While Blackadore Caye appears to be off and running, a former development darling seems to have fallen out of favor. The project at Puerto Azul in the Lighthouse Range ran into severe criticism from environmental activists and the developers’ response has stalled the project, according to Minister of Tourism Manuel Heredia Jr.

Manuel Heredia Jr., – Minister of Tourismvlcsnap-2015-04-09-10h54m28s36

“Puerto Azul…for months I haven’t even heard…I know a few of them, but I understand that they are still working on their EIA. They have two groups of environmentalists from the U.S. looking if it is possible that what they first envisioned can be done. If not, what will be the next step? But at this point it is practically at a standstill as far as I know.”


“Sir were you aware that they have started advertising for time share condominiums by the end of this year?”

Manuel Heredia Jr.

“I don’t…to be very honest being in the tourism…as Minister of Tourism I cannot envision that happening any time soon.”


“Could you tell us what facilities there are in that area?”

Manuel Heredia Jr.

“Well I know for a fact because I have been there. I was a fisherman for thirty years and I used to visit those areas. I know that there is an airstrip. There are two or three complexes over there that existed in the past. It was a small resort. And I understand that they were working so that they can host the people who are working on the EIA there, but to say to my knowledge that by the ending of the year any major thing will happen…I don’t see that happening.”

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