PUP addresses the nation on important national issues

vlcsnap-2013-03-06-18h44m51s189The People’s United Party this afternoon called a press conference at the Independence Hall headquarters on Queen Street to address the nation on important national issues. This week marks one year since the double elections of March 7, 2012 in which the UDP held on to 17 seats to the PUP’s 14 to form the Government, and won the majority of town and city councils. Speaking before a capacity audience of party supporters and officials, Party Leader Francis Fonseca said that the administration of Prime Minister Dean Barrow had failed in several key areas, including creating economic development, fighting crime and national security, improving education, social services, works and infrastructure particularly in the rural areas and most importantly in restoring the trust and confidence of the electorate after a divisive campaign last year. In fact, said Fonseca, the UDP had grown more“selfish, petty, vindictive and arrogant and less willing to face the people,”instead preferring to, he alleged, to line the pockets of their cronies with perks and other benefits to the disadvantage of the common man. He also accused the Prime Minister of having no solutions to Belize’s national problems. This has been a common theme with the PUP, which continues to consider the second Barrow Administration as “illegitimate,” in the words of the Leader of the Opposition, because of the circumstances in which the 2012 elections played out. PUP deputy leaders Carolyn Trench-Sandiford and Dolores Balderamos Garcia heaped scorn on the UDP’s policies and programs. Balderamos Garcia unveiled a ‘report card’ for the Prime Minister ranking him with an A and A+ in corruption and nepotism and an F in nearly everything else. For its part, the PUP, said Fonseca, has been busy working to fix its internal machinery in the wake of the close defeat last March, and restoring party unity which had been badly fractured leading into and immediately after the elections. And when it comes to the Belize/ Guatemala / ICJ issue, Fonseca says the party continues to formulate its position and expects to wrap up that consultation by late March, or early April. He also criticized the UDP for jumping to announce that it supported a yes vote for the October 6 referendum without apparently consulting anyone. We will have much more on today’s press conference tomorrow.

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