PUP adviser Vaughan Gill arrested

vlcsnap-2013-09-05-09h26m52s120An incident occurred shortly before Honorable Julius Espat, Cayo South Representative, arrived for Wednesday’s Public Accounts Committee Meeting.  His senior adviser Vaughn Gill was detained by Belmopan Police at the foot of the National Assembly. According to information to PlusNews, there was a warrant out on Mr Gill relating to court matters. One person who accompanied Gill to the Police Station claimed that the move was politically orchestrated  and, well, the Hon. Julius Espat wasn’t pleased about these actions.

Hon. Julius Espat – Chairman, PAC:

vlcsnap-2013-09-05-07h56m03s182Mr Vaughn Gill, who is our senior adviser has been arrested. Every time we have some things to do, he is arrested for issues that come up once in a while.  It just shows you the games that Government play, and that people that have the power, how utilize it against the masses, and utilize it against the normal Belizeans.  Today it is Vaughn Gill.  Tomorrow it can be you.  That is the direction in which we are going, if we do not have reform, accountability, and transparency.  Ministers and people in the Executive use their power to manipulate and abuse where they are.  So this is a clear example of what we’re talking about.  So I just wanted to make that statement quite clear.  Vaughn Gill does not do anything to any person out there.  Vaughn Gill is doing his job.  He is a true Belizean that fights for what he believes in, and if that is wrong, then we have a serious problem in this country.

Vaughn Gill was escorted by Police to their San Ignacio headquarters, where the warrant is believed to have been issued. Immediately following the PAC meeting, Mr Espat headed west to meet Mr Gill.

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