PUP agrees on reform agenda

vlcsnap-2015-09-18-20h57m51s219Concerning the reunification of the party, leader Francis Fonseca disagreed that he has conceded much to the rebel group of 11. He says their main agreement is concerning the holding of a national convention
at which a comprehensive formal reform agenda will be outlined.

PUP Party Leader Francis Fonseca

We put out a statement which reflects the discussions we had at that meeting. We put in place a process and a structure that all of us believe will achieve the objectives that we want to achieve and we made it absolutely clear to our party and to the country that we are united in our efforts to defeating the UDP Government, to defeating the corruption, the mismanagement,  and the incompetence of this government. That was our message coming out of that meeting. We have put in place a process that will allow us to meet in the next few days, to put together a structure moving forward for a national convention to make sure we put in place a reform agenda ; which the party has; so those are the central issues that we have agreed upon; A national convention, a reform agenda that we will collaborate on, the Party has a reform agenda. Our colleagues have ideas they want to put forward to strengthen that agenda; as we have always done we welcome those ideas.  We will do that. In terms of the National Convention we will have a discussion about that national Convention  with all 31 standard bearers.  We will make decisions as a caucus of standard bearers and we will then take that to the national convention for ratification. So that is the position moving forward.

Fonseca added that his leadership is not under threat this close to a national convention and certainly an early general election.

PUP Party Leader Francis Fonseca

Let me be very clear before we get overly excited about a challenge to the leadership. All 31 of the standard bearers, including the 10 present at Burrel Boom,  made it absolutely clear that they support my leadership and there is no intention to challenge my leadership going into the next elections. So that is absolutely clear. But we will go through a process that we have put in place to discuss how we can strengthen the executive of the party and how we can strengthen the reform Agenda of the party. Those are the two pillars upon which we have forged unity moving forward and we intend to do so over then next few days. We take it as I said to the caucus of Standard bearers, to the National executive for ratification, to the National party council and ultimately to the National convention of the Party. That is the process moving forward. 

The leader noted that with elections this close, party unity is more important than personal ambition.

PUP Party Leader Francis Fonseca

I think all of us recognize that in the party, and that is why all of us have come together to say that what is most important, what is our primary objective is ridding this country of the UDP government. So yes!  That trumps everything else we are unified in that purpose but we will work through the process of making sure we achieve those objective of strengthening our national executive and strengthening our reform agenda because those things are important to the party and important to the people of Belize.

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