PUP and UDP Rallies Clash

vlcsnap-2014-04-14-18h46m40s245Quite a bit of tension has been reported from within the PUP as the convention to elect the PUP standard bearer for Cayo Central gets ever nearer.

However, Dan Silva Supporters were reminded this weekend that Luke Espat is not his only opponent.

On Sunday April 13th, Daniel Silva’s Supporters were to have a rally at the Macal River Side in San Ignacio/Santa Elena, Cayo District, which according to Hugh O’ Brian, Chairman and Executive member of Dan Silva’s Candidacy, they had planned a rally and applied to have it at the Macal River banks since March 23th.

However, when the delegation went by the river side around 9:00 am on Sunday to set up for the rally, they noticed that UDP banners in support of the current area representative for Cayo Central Rene Montero were already aloft. Hugh O’Brian told Plus News that they believe this is a glaring attempt to tantalize and victimize their delegation.

vlcsnap-2014-04-14-18h50m06s22Mr. Hugh O’Brien- Chairman and Executive Member of Dan Silva’s Candidacy

Our committee start this planned this rally a month ago and we chose a date, we went in to sit with the elected town board, we wrote an official letter to them and we got permission on the 23rd of March to use the Riverside Park which is located on the right hand side of the low lying bridge.  Yesterday, I received a call from the administrator of the town council saying that she was getting orders from higher up to kick us out of there.  She was very polite saying to me that yes, she understands the situation and saying to me that and she can really hope that we could cooperate.  So, I met with my people, [we were not very happy about it], but I took a decisions after consulting with some key members of my executive and we decided to move to the left hand side, which is now to my right.  We felt it wholly a better move because of nice shade and we were going to move some nice motivational speech, talking about what we plan to do for the country and how we plan to get Daniel Silva elected.  This morning when our team came here, Rene Montero had all his flags over our area and, again, trying his best to create and tantalize our.  I am doing my best to keep my team polite and calm because I believe that politics can get a bit nasty sometimes, and it is important for the leadership to lead by example.  So, as a chairman, I told my team, ‘just hold it down and try to see if we can make this a very peaceful rally.

vlcsnap-2014-04-14-19h19m10s208I am thanking the mayor; he is a very understanding guy.  He is someone that you can speak with and you can rationalize with him, but he is under pressure from the party chairman who thinks he runs our country and so, the Mayor is trying his best to satisfy who he considers as his superiors.  But at the same time we had a very good dialogue with us and we try to support and so, we listen to him.  He offers two other locations.  We are polite, peaceful and we are going to move to one of those two locations”.

According to Laura Guerra, Dan Silva’s Campaign Manager, there team had all the legal rights to stay where they were.

vlcsnap-2014-04-14-18h52m52s132Ms. Laura Guerra- Daniel Silva’s Campaign Manager

“The Dan Silva team is having a rally programmed since March.  I have a letter dated the 23rd of March that the Town Council gave us permission to use the Riverside Park . I have also a bond with the police because we want a peaceful event.  Si, the bond was signed on 27th March 2013.  This morning, Mr. Montero and STAR came out here and said we cannot use the Riverside Park because they have the park, and that our letter was revoked by the Mayor.  However, we have nothing in writing, and we don’t have a phone call, nobody said, Ms. Guerra, we are sorry, you cannot use the park anymore.  We should be here because legally, we have authority to be here.  But we are not about conflict, we have a lot of people involved, we care about our people, and that is the only reason we can consider moving, so our people will not get in confrontation”.

Shortly after the PUP moved their many Dan Silva banners, the UDP moved in with their many flags and banners in support of Rene Montero.

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