PUP asks former Minister Penner to resign or face recall mechanism

vlcsnap-2013-09-30-08h21m50s106On Wednesday, the Leader of the Opposition, the Hon. Francis Fonseca,   issued to the media a  copy of a letter sent to the now scandalized ex minister Elvin Penner. In that letter, Fonseca calls for the resignation of Elvin Penner from his position as area representative of Cayo North. Fonseca threatens that if Penner does not resign, he will be recalled and Fonseca says he has the backing of the people within this constituency. The letter says “I am authorized by the National Executive of the PUP, to advise you that if you fail to resign as the Member of Cayo North East by 5pm on Monday October 7, 2013, the PUP, along with the electors of that division, will initiate your recall as the Divisional Representative for the Cayo North East Electoral Division in accordance with the Recall of Elected Representatives Act No. 20 of 2010. Our party has carried out extensive consultations in every community in the Cayo North East Division over the past ten days and it is abundantly clear that you have lost the trust and confidence of those you represent and therefore have a duty and an obligation to demand your resignation and failing that, to pursue your recall.” Well, unconfirmed reports to Plusnews is that Elvin Penner sent home his staff on Wednesday, telling them that he is planning to resign. We have not been able to officially confirm this as yet, however.

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