PUP Belmopan Area Representative Seat to be hotly contested

Logo_PUPvlcsnap-2013-08-20-08h23m20s99It was not too long ago that Patrick Jason Andrews announced his candidacy for PUP Standard Bearer for the Belmopan Constituency. Shortly after that, the PUP issued a press release stating that current Standard Bearer Dr. Amin Hegar had declared his full support of Andrews. This caused some confusion as to whether or not this was Dr Hegar’s way of bowing out of the upcoming convention. Well, Monday morning, Dr Hegar called into Rise and Shine to make clear that he will be contesting the seat.


Dr. Amin Hegar:

vlcsnap-2013-08-20-08h26m31s234By the way, let everybody know that Dr Amin Hagar is, contrary to rumors, running again for the Convention in Belmopan, to have the seat at least for the meantime as Standard Bearer for the People’s United Party. 

When Patrick came, he came again like he was being endorsed, put up on the platform like there was no Dr Hagar existing.  It appeared like he was the only candidate.  Many of the media houses thought that he was the candidate.



There were three, as of Monday afternoon, new comer Ruth Logan announced her contention in the race.

Ruth Logan:

vlcsnap-2013-08-20-08h39m00s63vlcsnap-2013-08-20-08h48m45s8This gathering is to let people know I have made a decision.  I want to be the person to be the spokesperson, and fight as a woman, for these people that I see daily, for my friends that I see suffering.  That’s why I said it’s time for me to step out of the box and be the one!



We asked Ruth Logan why, now? And what she believes she can bring to the table.

Ruth Logan:

vlcsnap-2013-08-20-08h42m01s87Turn around.  Look beside you.  Look around you.  Look through your window.  Why now?  Things are so bad in this country.  Why now?  Look at our children.   Our teenagers have gone missing.  Why now?  There are women who are doing both positions in the home.  There are women that are suffering.  Do you know that sometimes I have had people approach me and say, ‘Ruth, do you know that I haven’t eaten today?’  It shocked me. I said, ‘How could that be?’  It’s for me now to step up and say, ‘Do you know what?  I have to be the one to see what I can do?’  It’s going to be hard work, but do you know what?  It can be done by the Grace of God. It can be done and it will happen.

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