PUP calls for Castro’s resignation or termination

Meanwhile, the People’s United Party has issued a statement, demanding the resignation or dismissal of Edmund Castro . According to the PUP press release, “… by failing to clear his name and his reputation and by withdrawing his law-suit in the Supreme Court, Minister Castro is effectively admitting the statements made by Mrs. Burgess are true and correct and therefore he is in breach of the Constitution of Belize and violated the Immigration Laws and the criminal laws of Belize. No serving Minister has ever admitted that he is a corrupt person. It was expected that on the withdrawal of his lawsuit, the Minister of State would have offered a public apology and tendered his resignation.”  The release says that Minister Edmund Castro needs to either tender his resignation, or the Prime Minister dismisses him from his post in the Cabinet. It says,  “In the interest of decency, the integrity of the high public office he holds and the principles governing Ministerial office in our parliamentary democracy, Minister Castro must resign his office or be fired by the Prime Minister.”



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