PUP calls for removal of Minister of National security

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The People’s united party today hosted a press conference in Belize City where they discussed the sensational and gruesome murder of Pastor Llewelyn Lucas, allegedly at the hands of a high rolling friend of several high ranking individuals. The Minister of National Security and Belmopan Area representative, Hon. John saldivar, admitted to the media of his relationship with Mason and the fact that Mason is a sponsor of his Football Club. Today, the PUP says it is calling for the removal of the Minister of National Security along with others.

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“Everything we know of this sordid affair between William Mason and members of Mr. Barrow’s Cabinet and by extension several police officers, lead us to believe that the police cannot be expected to properly and exhaustively investigate this case.    We therefore demand that an international impartial investigator be immediately commissioned.  We also demand that a fully qualified forensic expert be brought in to gather and analyze the forensic evidence. In light of this, I call on the Prime Minister to urgently remove the Minister of Police from his post.  We believe he can no longer be expected to preside impartially and without fear or favor over the Ministry of National Security, plus his record with respect to keeping Belizeans safe is far from outstanding.  While at it, the head of the GSU should be made to stand down, his character is now questionable and also the Minister of Education and Youth by his imprudent association to an international con artist should at the very least be publicly reprimanded. 

Hon. John Briceno also spoke about a callt o reinstate the Crimes Control Commission.

John Briceño, PUP Leader

“We call on the Prime Minister to immediately reinstate the Crime Control Commission to be headed by the Chief Justice and to include the participation of Civil Society, the churches and other Social Partners. We call for massive investments in programs and infrastructure, especially in South side Belize City to address the challenges our youth face every day.”


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