PUP campaign to recall Elvin Penner continues





At 1,500 signatures and counting, the People’s United Party (PUP) caretaker in Cayo Northeast, Orlando Habet, stands very close to another chance at entering the House of Representatives. During his party’s press briefing at Independence Hall, Mr Habet, who enjoys the confidence of the party, gave an update.

Mr. Orlando Habet- Standard Bearer of the PUP for Cayo Northeast

 vlcsnap-2013-10-17-10h07m36s123“We have been made to understand, especially through a radio talk show that the chairman of the United Democratic Party had intimidated people on his program, telling them that whichever signature that they put on the papers on the petition that they are signing will be exposed in public.   They had a mass text message that was going out saying exactly the same thing, and also on their house to house campaign, they are telling people that if they have a scholarship will be removed, it will be taken away,; if they are on the pantry program, that will also  be taken away.   Some parents called and said, “Mr. Landy, we are getting $300 for our high school students that also be taken away?  I said, listen, you do not have to take heed to their threats they will not be reviewing these documents one by one.   It is not the per view of the United Democratic Party to be doing that.   It will be done by Elections and Boundaries Commission and they will advise the Governor General.”

Later, Orlando Habet addressed alleged intimidation by elements of the UDP, starting at the very top.

Mr. Orlando Habet

“The collection of signatures to date as mentioned by our party leader, stand in this very box with more than 1,500 signatures representing more than 89% of what we need to collect.   Mr. Barrow and his UDP were out in San Ignacio on the very next day on October 5th.   They had activated what they call an anti Penner recall petition.   We must understand that Barrow’s campaign to an anti recall petition is tantamount to the ‘viciation’ of the very Act of the very legislation that he passed, giving the citizens the right and the opportunity to recall an elected representative as stated under the Act No. 20 of 2010”.


The effort continues despite the UDP’s apparent backing off of Elvin Penner and their own call for him to resign by Wednesday.

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