PUP candidates for Belize City Municipals

The campaigning is in full swing for municipal elections scheduled for March 7th. Next Wednesday, February 21st, is nomination day. This morning on Rise and Shine, PUP Mayoral candidate for Belize City, Bernard Wagner, along with two of his city councilor candidates, were guests and spoke of some of the challenges in Belize City and some of the ideas they have for a better city. Belize City has been a UDP stronghold for the past 12 years but according to the guests this morning, there are still many unresolved issues that the blue party would like a chance to address.

Bernard Wagner, Belize City, PUP Mayoral Candidate

It varies. Drainage is a big issue. That is an issue to some of the north side area.  Drainage issue, jobs issue, another issue is the quality of life in terms of noise pollution our big issue in the stretch of strip area that they call the night area people have concerns about that noise pollution they’re lot of other issue they’re a lot of other issues Good governance; is key. People have a lot of cynicism about the process but to allay some of the affairs we at our group said that we wanted to ensure, cause we know that in the past people have always accused Municipal government, Central government saying “how can you be your own watch dog”? So within the scope of our work we have said listen let us try to implement well actually we’ll try to establish it as we go to office as Municipal Public Accounts Committee  which will serve as an oversight body different from the government one which have they appoint 4 persons and the social partners two. We have swung that equation where we would only appoint 2 of those individuals  and the other 4 will come from the Civil Society and they will serve as a watchdog to us.

Other candidates on the blue slate are Javier Castellanos, Albert Vaughn, Aisha Gentle, Allan Pollard, Ryan Elijio, Michael Norales, Deltrude Hilton, Dr., Candace Pitts, Oscar Arnold, and Micah Goodin.

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