PUP Chairman bashes four year contracts left by Darrel Bradley

Belize City Mayor Darrel Bradley is on his last in his capacity of Mayor with Municipal elections a few weeks away.  Bradley has recently come under fire for having signed a four year contract renewal for Candice Burke to remain city administrator. This will ensure that Miller has a job as city administrator even if there is a new PUP administrator and even after the next administration. It is a controversial move but Mayor Bradley has defended the move as part of his efforts at reforming of the municipal staff countrywide to give them the right to tenure. He said that this reformation was discussed by Mayors across the nation and they all agreed to it.  Yesterday, PUP Party Chairman Henry Usher was asked for his comments on this move by Bradley.

Henry Charles Usher, P.U.P. Chairman

“Well I found it very comical that the mayor would say something like that because he’s not, he doesn’t stand on any firm legal footing to even be speaking on security of tenure.  Isn’t it ironic that the U.D.P. under Dean Barrow removed security of tenure for judges, but now Darrell Bradley is trying to give security of tenure to his father, Joe Bradley, because Joe Bradley is a senior manager in this U.D.P. City Council.  So really, Darrell is trying to ensure that his father remains employed which I find very comical.  But secondly, he’s trying to reach from the political grave.  Everybody knows that Darrell Bradley is finished.  Everybody knows that in terms of politics, as you said, he’s a lame duck, but beyond that he’s dead politically.  So he’s trying to reach from the grave and trying to control things after he’s already gone from City Hall.  I can tell you categorically that the next P.U.P. city council after March seventh will review all of these contracts, will look at them and if there’s anything unusual and if there’s anything that can be changed, they will be changed.”

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