PUP claim intimidation against certain personalities

The People’s United Party controls  but does not hold a majority in the Public Accounts Committee of the House of Representatives. Those members – chairman Julius Espat  and member Rodwell Ferguson, today issued a release condemning various acts of “intimidation” and “victimization tactics” against certain personalities which they say are designed to “cease public discussion on the potential misuse of public funds.” They cite the office of the Auditor General, Dorothy Bradley and Bradley herself as well as Senator Mark Lizarraga who were attacked in separate articles in the April 25 issue of the UDP organ The Guardian; this television station and Rise and Shine co-host Patrick Andrews for a suit filed by PAC member John Saldivar after questions about his handling of public funds and finally Justice Oswell Legall, who came in for heavy criticism from the Prime Minister yesterday concerning recent court rulings he made against the Government. Espat and Ferguson say they want Belizeans to be more aware of the issue and support organizations who speak out as a means of tamping down corruption.

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