PUP comments on Clive Myers resignation

On Wednesday the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) announced that their Clive Myers Director of Marketing and Industry Relations had resigned effective immediately. Only two days prior BTB sent out a release boasting that Clive Myers holds a Master’s Degree in Project Management from Drexel University Online among other local training.

The People’s United Party took the opportunity to through their first Salvo on the matter in a press release issued on Thursday saying it is quote, “Grossly embarrassing for Belize.”

The PUP also took this opportunity to mark out the somewhat bad history of the Belize Tourism Board under the current administration, saying that, “Since 2011, the UDP has seen two new Directors of Tourism come and go, two Directors of Marketing come and go, one person appointed as the Director of Marketing on the basis of misrepresentation as to his credentials, and now: having no Director of Marketing.”

The press release ranted on about Laura Esquivel who was booted out of office by BTB’s G-Seven because of poor leadership. It further went on to say that though the advancement of the cruise industry has been a highlight of BTB nothing much has been done to improve the hoteliers, tour operators, the guides, the artisans nor the tourism destinations.

PUP press release ended by demanding that, “the Government of Belize get serious about tourism, find a solution to the cruise ship port crisis and take immediate measures to stabilize the management of marketing of the overnight sector.”

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