PUP comments on Guatemala’s recent proposals

imagesCAEBHXK8Today the People’s United Party issued a statement regarding Guatemala’s recent proposals regarding its agreement with Belize to hold simultaneous referenda on October 6, 2013. The party says ” The People’s United Party (PUP) rejects any proposal which violates the spirit and letter of the Special Agreement signed by Belize and Guatemala in December 2008. Neither option proposed by Guatemala is acceptable. Guatemala’s latest proposals raise serious concerns about its good faith in finding a just and definitive solution of this longstanding claim.” It continues by saying that the PUP has consistently rejected this unfounded claim while always remaining supportive of any initiative that would lead to a definitive and just solution. In closing the party reaffirms its position by saying “The PUP does not support the holding of any unilateral referendum on October 6, 2013, or on any other date. We do not support the amendment of our national law to reduce our threshold participation in referenda, simply to accommodate Guatemala. The PUP calls on the Government of Belize to remain resolute in maintaining national and international support for our inalienable right to self-determination with full territorial integrity.”

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