PUP Condemns GOB Attacks on Auditor-General

The People’s United Party  has issued a press release condemning what they call the “ vicious and completely unwarranted personal attacks on Auditor-General Dorothy Bradley”.  The release says, “Since the release of the Auditor General’s Reports revealing widespread and pervasive corruption at the highest ranks of Government, a shameful and cowardly campaign has been waged against Mrs. Bradley by the UDP operatives. On the national stage, Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Godwin Hulse, Minister of Immigration/Police have openly criticised the Auditor General and disparaged the work done by Mrs Bradley and her team. We view this as a deliberate attempt to attack the messenger and in so doing to attempt to dilute the message.”  According to the PUP, they have consulted their legal team and have been assured that Auditor-General Dorothy Bradley acted as she was constitutionally empowered and obligated to do.  PUP says, “Mr. Barrow’s claim that the findings of the Auditor-General somehow denied natural justice to those accused of wrongdoing and corruption is hilarious and totally baseless. The PUP calls on Prime Minister Dean Barrow to call off the UDP operatives who have been systematically attacking the good name of a very senior and respected public officer.”

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