PUP condemns Office of Prime Minister’s Press Release on Bar Association

pup logoYesterday we told you about the press release issued from the Office of the Prime Minister. That press release was in realtion to the Bar Association’s condemnation of the controversial continued tenure of Justice of Appeal Samuel Awich. The release says that

 “the attacks, using the Belize Bar Association Resolution as their springboard, are contemptuous and contemptible”.

The People’s United party has fired back today in a press release of its own, saying the Office of the Prime Minister’s release was

“personal in nature, intimidating and threatening in tone and reckless and irresponsible for an official statement issued from the Office of the Prime Minister.”

According to the PUP release it is completely unacceptable that the Prime Minister’s office should

1. Threaten criminal action against those who oppose the continued controversial tenure of Justice of Appeal Awich and exercise their constitutional right to freedom of expression to speak on the issue;

2. Attempt to discredit the Bar Association simply because it disagrees with its positions; and

3. Threaten to take “a course of action” against the Bar Association designed to weaken it and interfere with its decision-making process.” 

The release says that the PUP stands with the Bar Association of Belize in opposition to the continued tenure of Justice of Appeal Awich and calls on the Prime Minister to recant his latest attack on the Bar and its members.

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