PUP condemns the lack of transparency on Rosewood issue

Today the People’s United Party (PUP) sent out a press release saying  “it condemns the lack of transparency and apparent facilitation of  corrupt  activities  in  relation to  the  rosewood  issue and  the recently  revealed approval  for the  sale/export of already harvested rosewood.  While the PUP is not against the sale of illegally harvested rosewood to benefit the public purse,  the Party decries the lack of disclosure and unwillingness on the part of government to report to  the  public.” The release end by the PUP calling  on  Government  to  give  a  full  and  proper  account  for  all  proceeds,  including  disclosure  of  who  the  contractors/exporters  are, the  value  of  sale, and to  whom  exported.

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