PUP Demand that Mark King be Ousted from Cabinet

We showed you portions of an interview with Minister of State Mark King yesterday where he discusses a meeting held in the South Stann Creek District on Tuesday with supporters of the United Democratic Party and representatives of Norwegian Cruise Line.

But in the beginning he made a characteristically blunt statement about the Government’s views. For context we reproduce that portion of the interview.

vlcsnap-2014-05-23-19h37m28s139Mark King- Are Representative for Lake Independence, Belize City

“We as a government, as a UDP government, we are a mass party.  We have a lot of supporters; we look at all Belizeans in general.  But of course as a mass political party, we look after UDP first, you look at Belizeans second, and PUP last. I straight up like that; I no got nothing fu hide from the media”.

Today, the Opposition People’s United Party took exception to King’s statements, calling them “ignorant,” “arrogant” and “callous.” The PUP says that in 2014, the patronage system that King describes must be replaced by a new standard which requires that all Belizeans be treated fairly, respectably and equably.

It accuses Prime Minister Dean Barrow of being consistent to King’s description while in Government and demands that he apologize and join in their condemnation and most importantly, remove minister King from Cabinet.

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