PUP demands answers on closure of Vital Statistics office

The Vital Statistics office in Belize City is under new leadership. Last night, channel 7 news reported that the vital statics office was on lock down yesterday with a sign at its front entrance that read, ‘the system is being serviced”. However, According to the media report, Director Patricia Hinkson was handed her letter of termination on Tuesday evening immediately after working hours. So, the office was closed to install her replacement, Ishelle Murillo. Hinkson, a signed contract officer, reportedly signed a contract with the department only a few months ago. 7 news reported that Hinkson was terminated after the political directorate wasn’t happy with the timeliness of how re-registration documents were being processed, amongst other problems, including long, frustrating lines. Today, the People’s United Party issued a press release condemning yesterday’s closure of Vital Statistics. The release says, quote, ‘While we understand that every organization will encounter its challenges, we in the PUP cannot accept that during this re-Registration Exercise, an important organization such as the Vital Statistics Unit is not providing this essential service at this time. “The release further stated, quote,. “Party Leader and leader of the opposition Hon Jonhn Briceno stated that Several issues and inconsistencies brought to the forefront by persons on the ground, including the underperformance of the Vital Statistics Office, greatly undermine the overreaching objective of achieving a clean and new voters list that should enhance the democratic process”, end quote. The Party ended the release by calling on the Attorney General and the Registrar General to immediately account to the Belizean People on the occurrences taking place in the Vital Statistics Unit.

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