PUP Disgusted But Not Shocked that Penner Walks.

vlcsnap-2014-07-25-06h19m46s165In a press release issued on Friday, the People’s United Party expressed their gross dissatisfaction with the way the Elvin Penner Prosecution was struck out calling it a “Dark Day for the Belizean Nation.” According to the press release, Elvin Penner, the individual who many Belizeans feel is most directly responsible for the illegal sale of our Belizean nationality and passports, walked freely out of the Magistrates Court in Belmopan City today without even answering one single question regarding his involvement in the Won Hong Kim matter.”According to the PUP they share the same disappointment, disgust and anger as many Belizeans but say they are not shocked, claiming that” This case did not fail because of a lack of evidence. It failed because the UDP placed its political interests ahead of the national interest. There was a concerted effort by the relevant state authorities to suppress evidence and an absolute refusal to make that evidence available for COLA’s private prosecution of Elvin Penner. The Commissioner of Police, the Office of the DPP, and the Immigration Department all failed in their responsibilities to the Belizean people.” The press release went on to say that the UDP chose Elvin Penner over Belize and that the PUP stands in support of COLA’s decision to appeal the ruling.

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