PUP does not accept PM’s olive branch over Guatemala

Yesterday you heard Prime Minister Right Honorable Dean Barrow extend the olive branch to the People’s United Party (PUP), which pulled out of any negotiations over the Sarstoon protocol and other Guatemala-related matters unless and until Government changes their tune on engagement with the Republic. But the PUP is not yet ready to make nice, as according to Leader of the Opposition John Briceno, their conditions have not been met. He also addressed how it is that things have thawed in the Sarstoon – where, it appears, he says, some media houses and Belizeans are more equal than others:

John Briceno, Leader of the Opposition

“I think that Daniel got a special pass to go to the Sarstoon but I think Will mentioned that he was tempted to go and they were vlcsnap-2016-07-01-16h23m59s125stopped by the Guatemalans. I’m not sure, I have to check that. So obviously you need to get a pass and go speak to the Prime Minister then the Prime Minister will go call Guatemala, then Guatemala will give us permission to visit our own country which we find unacceptable. The way we are going is in the wrong direction and the government is taking us into the negotiations with Guatemala and that is why we have said that we need to set up a national team. The national team should comprise of both members from both parties and probably somebody from the NGO community. This situation is not a criminal matter but we want it to be addressed in a way where we can get the right results.”


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