PUP holds National Executive Meeting

Yesterday, the PUP held a National Executive and Standard Bearer’s meeting in which they discussed plans for the upcoming General Elections.  It was their first official meeting since the Dangriga bi-election in which they suffered yet another defeat.  PUP  leader, Hon. Francis Fonseca told the media about his party’s plans  to prepare for the elections that they believe are just around the corner

Hon. Francis Fonseca – PUP Party Leadervlcsnap-2015-07-23-11h03m40s159
“We had a very good meeting. It was a joint meeting between the executives and the standard bearers.  We spend most of the time planning quite frankly, planning for elections. We believe the elections are around the corner, so we were planning the main pillars of our manifesto. We spent a lot of time discussing that. We also spent some time of course talking about registration. As you all know this is the transfer period. So those are issues that we are very concerned about and we spent a lot of time looking at those issues and planning forward. We are launching a “power to the people” national tour. So we talked a lot about that as well. That wil start in the West and move to the South. A National tour to discuss issues – having a conversation with the Belizean people, about many challenging and pressing issues facing our country. Those are the things we discussed today, so it was a very good positive meeting. As I said, we set out a very clear time table and plan to get certain things done for the general elections, whenever they might come.”   “


Hon. Francis Fonseca also addressed the fact that they have no campaign manager since Godfrey Smith stepped down after consecutive defeats at bi-elections. He discussed what they are doing to fix that.

Hon. Francis Fonseca

“We did talked about the whole structure of the campaign team and what we have looked at is setting up a structure with regional coordinators and we will determine as we move forward if we need to have in place specific persons in terms of a national campaign manager. But we put together a team of coordinators that we believe will be most effective at this time. So we spent some time discussing that as well.”

It was reported that the PUP had approached Emon Courtney to take up the post as Campaign manager for the PUP but Courtney had flatly denied the post. After yesterday’s meeting, Fonseca was asked if there is any truth to the reports. Here’s what he said.

“Sir, have you all approached Eamon Courtenay? Had anyone on your behalf approached Eamon Courtenay? We were quite reliably informed….”

Hon. Francis Fonseca


“We have heard that Mr. Ralph Fonseca acting on your behalf has contacted a number of persons to do a number of things. Is that so?”

Hon. Francis Fonseca
“Again Jules, you are getting your information from UDPs and again, that is absolutely false. I have an absolutely excellent relationship with Eamon Courtenay. If I require Eamon Courtenay to do anything on behalf of the People’s United Party, I always go to see him myself. I dont need anybody to act on my behalf to engaged with Eamon Courtenay. So that’s absolutely not the case.”

Hon. Francis Fonseca also denies rumors of a recent meeting between him and Lord Ashcroft who has been a campaign financier of both political parties in the past.

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