Last night our News Cast was filled with comments from Opposition Leader John Briceno’s who held a Press Conference yesterday. We would like to take you back to that Conference tonight in order to address other matters he spoke about.  Last night we reported on Briceno’s response to his Party’s rejection of Belmopan Standard Bearer applicants Patrick Jason Andrews and Arthur Saldivar. You will recall that in Saldivar’s Facebook town hall meeting, he made a direct shot at Briceno when he said and we quote, “the head is rotting in the PUP.” Briceno was asked to comment on Saldivar’s remarks. Here is how he answered

Hon. John Briceno, Leader, People’s United Party: I will quickly accept that as the leader of the party, I am ultimately responsible for everything that happens in this party, and if Mr. Saldivar would not be so personal, and look at the work that the party has been doing and the successes that we’ve had in the last municipal elections, that everyone will tell you that the PUP is poised to win the next national elections. I know he is hurt. He supported me. He did not vote in the last national convention but he publicly supported me, so maybe he feels that maybe I should have done more for him, and that’s okay and I accept that and there’s no hard feelings on my part.

And for more PUP internal dispute news, Plus News understands that the two PUP camps in the Albert Division for Paul Thompson and Valerie Woods got into a major dispute when vetting the list for the convention was being reviewed. According to Channel 7 news there were some unusual jostle over which names would stay on the list and which would go off the list. Reports are that Jermyn Galvez a member Valerie Wood’s team accused candidate Paul Thompson of threatening his life and putting a hit on him. The party Chairman reportedly had to get between the disputes in order to settle the matter. We understand that both parties were able to settle the matter peacefully the next day. And, according to Briceno incidents like these only shows the excitement and energy that the PUP is developing

Hon. John Briceno, Leader, People’s United Party: That shows the level of excitement and energy that the PUP is developing, and it shows that people really want to be a part of the PUP. It shows that people believe that we’re going to form the next government. That’s why they are fighting tooth and nail to try and win. I wish we could tone it down a bit. My recommendation has always been, “Guys, let’s not be personal. Go out there, do a positive campaign.” But you will always have people, your supporters that you can’t control as best as you wish. It’s a part of politics. It’s a part of contact sports as you would say. We wish it wouldn’t be like that, but I’m very excited about the Albert Division because the Albert Division, we have always felt that it is a UDP division, but I firmly believe that any of those two candidates that are elected on June 17th, will be the next area representative in Albert.

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