PUP Leader comments on aspiring Standard Bearers for 2017



At Tuesday morning’s presentation held by the People’s United Party, the press got a chance to discuss other pending matters with Leader the Hon. Francis Fonseca. The first is the recent news that former area representative in Cayo Central, Daniel Silva, is throwing his hat in the political race once again. On Monday, at a meeting held by the Cayo Central Division Committee, Mr Silva announced that he will be running for Standard Bearer of that constituency. He would join current Area Represent Senator Collet Montejo and the returning Luke Espat. While no convention date has been set, Francis Fonseca is a member of the vetting committee that oversees the inception of candidates. He was asked what he thinks of a possible homecoming for Daniel Silva.

Hon. Francis Fonseca – PUP Leader:

vlcsnap-2013-08-28-08h20m18s254Dan Silva obviously has a long history and a long relationship with the People’s United Party in Cayo.  That is something that we would have to look at very closely. 


vlcsnap-2013-08-28-09h41m18s33Jules Vasquez

vlcsnap-2013-08-28-09h41m45s36 Will it factor into your considerations that there’s an Interpol warrant for his son, for killing a female in Cayo Central?

Hon. Francis Fonseca:
Certainly, the committee will have to evaluate all information made available to the committee.  There are several committees.  There are layers of checks, as it relates to these applications.  Mr Silva, as I have said, has not applied, so I don’t want to get ahead of myself.  He has not applied.  I have heard of what has been reported to you, that he made an announcement at the Executive Meeting last evening, but certainly when he applies, all factors that are deemed relevant will have to be taken into consideration, and certainly that should be a relevant consideration.

vlcsnap-2013-08-28-09h34m40s56 vlcsnap-2013-08-28-09h34m26s172Then there’s the matter of Dr. Amin Hegar, who has announced that he will be running for Standard Bearer in the Belmopan Constituency. This announcement came after he made public his support for new comer Patrick Jason Andrews. This had a lot of people thinking that Dr Hegar would not have been entering the convention. His announcement has stirred the ire of Deputy Leader, the Hon. Julius Espat, who thinks Dr Hegar is backtracking on his word. But as in the case of Daniel Silva, Party Leader the Hon. Fonseca stated that all of this will be considered during the vetting process.

Hon. Francis Fonseca:
The door is not closed on Mr. Hegar.  Mr Hegar has not yet applied for Belmopan, despite everything you’ve been hearing. When Mr. Hegar applies,  his application will be vetted by various committees of the party and the National Executive. What I said earlier was that his actions over the past two weeks have to form a part of that discussion, in respect of his application.

All of his actions in respect of withdrawing, publically endorsing another candidate, those are issues that I deem relevant to the application process. 

Jules Vasquez:
If he reneges on them?

Hon. Francis Fonseca: 
It’s relevant consideration. Let’s be very clear.  It’s not the Party Leader whom makes these decisions.  There are recommendations made from the various committees of the Party to the executive.  I sit on the Executive, and I have a say on that Executive, and I will obviously participate vigorously in that discussion, but I don’t determine who the candidates will be.  So I believe, from my perspective, that his actions are relevant to that discussion.   

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