PUP Leader discusses party issues

Leader of the parliamentary Opposition and of the People’s United Party (PUP) Francis Fonseca made his first appearance for some time on the KREM Wake Up Belize Morning Vibes program along with deputy leader Julius Espat yesterday. Fonseca’s leadership has been rocked by back to back electoral defeats in a by-election and the municipal council elections, not to mention heavy internal infighting and sniping. The party has been taking some time to address its internal issues and today Fonseca reported to the public via an interview conducted after the show that the party is ready to present its internal reforms for approval at a party national convention.

Francis Fonseca  – Leader of the Oppositionvlcsnap-2015-04-30-11h17m00s107

“We have and inb fact, we had a very comprehensive meeting I think two weeks ago, where we tabled our plan to win, as we described it. It looked at many of the issues that we need to take on and the way forward. As you know, we had a retreat. The follow up of that retreat was this national executive standard bearers meeting. Coming out of that meeting, each standard bearer and representative was charged with responsibility of  going back to their respective constituency branch to share with them that plan. So that work is well underway and that will culminate in a national convention for the party and as I said before that in certain changes that we are discussing and reviewing that we will make public at the appropriate time. “

 Fonseca noted that the positions of some standard bearers may be up for grabs, particularly in Belize City, but he would not be drawn into specifics, especially with regard to one of the most senior parliamentarians and party officials in Rt. Hon. Said Musa, who faces calls to step down before the next general election is called. Fonseca indicated that there is still some fine-tuning to do which is why he was not prepared to comment on Musa’s or anyone else’s position.

Francis Fonseca

“I won’t comment on any of the changes. I won’t comment on any specific change as I said. All of those things are under discussion and we will have a special press brief to deal strictly –  we di do all what deh noh do ina the UDP, we di share all of our internal business. When have you ever been briefed of a national executive meeting of the UDP.  When has the media been briefed.  The point is we will do so at the appropriate time. I will not   get ahead of myself and have any discussion of any individual in the party or any particular change that we will be making.”


No date has been set for the convention; the party last held one in October of 2010 in Dangriga.

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