PUP Leader explains party’s strategy

PUPOne of the issues that was brought up on Tuesday morning’s Rise and Shine show is the somewhat passive state of the PUP delegation. What most would expect to see is a reincarnation of the UDP’s dynamic propaganda in the year before they came into power. Francis Fonseca explains why Belize has not seen any of that displayed by the PUP.

Hon. Francis Fonseca – PUP Leader

vlcsnap-2013-10-09-07h46m00s226“If we had not allowed the media to do its work, if we had allowed other people who do not normally associate themselves with the PUP, if we did not allow them room and space to do that work, it would have become a UDP-PUP thing.   It has now become a snowball where all the different people of all walks of life have become involved and the PUP is one part of that process of dealing with that issue.   That is the way we have to move forward if we’re going to do things responsibly.   It can’t just be PUP flag pah one side and UDP flag and we…waving flags at each other and cursing each other!   We have to engage other people;  we have to make other people feel that they have a stake in what we are fighting for, that anybody have to criticize the party for not jumping out there and tearing up the place and dih broke up this and dih bruk up that; blame me.   I take responsibility.   I felt that this was the smart strategic approach to this matter.   And in my view, that position has been vindicated”.

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