PUP leader responds to allegations made against Punta Gorda Mayor

On Monday the People’s United Party (PUP) called a press conference to respond to allegations that Mayor of Punta Gorda Town, Anthony Fuentes, used Council funds to pay a personal loan at the Toledo Teachers’ Credit Union (TTCU). In fact, says party leader Francis Fonseca, the Mayor obtained a loan on the Council’s behalf.

The amount payable for the loan is deducted from the stipend given to Mayor Fuentes by Government, which is counted in the $22,000 subvention for the town. Mayor Fuentes says he gives his word that he was not messing around with the town’s finances.

Because Prime Minister Dean Barrow made his comments in the immune House of Representatives, all he can be made to do is apologize, which the party has called for. Both Mayor Fuentes, backed by his PUP colleagues in the South, and leader Francis Fonseca say this is a symptom of a Government desperate to keep power in the municipalities.

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