PUP Mayors condemn Minister Finnegan for comments to Hon Balderamos Garcia

Three Mayors, all from the People’s Untied Party, have also added their voices condemning Minister Finnegan for his comments to Hon. Balderamos Garcia. The three duly elected Mayors are Kevin Bernard of Orange Walk Town,  Anthony Fuentes of Punta Gorda Town and Gilbert Swaso of Dangriga Town. Via  press release issued today, the three “ strongly condemn”  Mr. Finnegan for his “utter disrespect for Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia”.  Citing examples of other times Mr. Finnegan was disrespectful to women, the release made reference to the time the Minister called the then speaker of the House, Mrs. Elizabeth Zabaneh  the “B Word” while he was speaking to the press after a House Meeting.  The release says, “We therefore call on the Speaker of the House to use the authority given to him under the Belize Constitution to take charge and disallow the use of un- parliamentary language in the Honorable House of Representative. We also called on the area representative to once again apologize to Hon. Dolores Balderamos Garcia and all the women he has disrespected and to conduct himself honorably in the House.”

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