PUP meet the signatory target to trigger recall in Cayo Northeast Constituency

vlcsnap-2013-10-22-07h24m44s107Word coming out of the PUP camp is that the party has acquired or is very close to acquiring the number of signatures required to trigger the recall mechanism in the Cayo Northeast. While, current area rep, Elvin Penner has yet to decide whether he will voluntarily step down but his seat may just be up for grabs as the signatures of 1758 registered voters have been collected. According to the Elections and Boundaries website, 5785 persons registered up to August 2013, now in order for a the recall mechanism to be activated, 30% of that number or 1,736 to be exact, ought to sign on to the recall petition.vlcsnap-2013-10-22-07h25m01s33 PUP hopeful Landy Habet received 2034 votes in the last election, that’s 17 less than Elvin Penner and well to supersede that number, the PUP intends to get an additional 250 signatures by the weekend. The 1758 signatures gathered so far have been vetted by the party. We are told that they are still in the process of vetting even more signatures. And so what’s the next step? The list will be sent to the Elections and Boundaries Department for review. And if proven legitimate, a recall referendum will be tabled, where a majority must vote in favor of recall and 65% of the electorate participate. A by-election for the seat of area representative for the Cayo Northeast Constituency will thereafter be scheduled.

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