PUP members meet to draft petition for restructure?

Reports are that a number of prominent PUP representatives met at Cahal Pech in San Ignacio today purportedly to review the state of the party. Within the last months , the PUP has lost two bi-elections and the majority of municipalities in municipal elections. The campaign manager , Godfrey Smith,  has since stepped down after the latest defeat in Dangriga. Reports and rumours of discontent within the party continue to abound and today, reports are that the purpose of the meeting in Cayo was to draft a petition for a reform of the party under the leadership of Francis Fonseca.  We have been told that various recommendations for restructuring were also made at that meeting including the restructuring of the party executive. Deputy Party Leader Western Caucus and Cayo South area Representative, Julius Espat,   told Plusnews that he was not aware of the meeting and as far as he knows, the party leader has not received any petition as yet.


Julius Espat – PUP Deputy Part Leader, Area Rep – Cayo Southvlcsnap-2015-07-27-11h23m16s140

“We do meet once in a while when it concerns to share information. It is nothing out of the world. I have not received any petition and as far as I know, the party leader has not. If there is something to better the party, I think that the party leader will be open to anything that is beneficial to the party. We did extremely well in the  Dangriga by-elections, despite the fact of honly having three weeks to prepare for it.  I don’t think the party needs a restructuring right now.  The party needs every standard bearer to go into their constituencies and do the work of their people. Once that is done, there will be no problem.”


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