PUP rally in Toledo well attended

 The People’s United Party held a rally in the  Toledo district this past Sunday and it has been one of the largest they have seen in a while. Some 4000 persons attended the Power to the People Rally; the second in a  series of rallies the PUP is putting off  to create some momentum after several recent defeats at the polls. The first rally was earlier this month in San Ignacio and saw a little over a thousand persons in attendance.   This past weekend, there was a greater showing .  The rally was held in Big Falls Village where party supporters congregated to listen to their leaders on the rostrum.


Julius Espvlcsnap-2015-08-18-19h41m21s443at: Numbers are not really that important to us, it’s the participation of the people in the different zones  and we had full participation of the South which was a good thing. It was  a vibrant event, when you walked in you felt cold seed and all it was a good day I must say, for the People’s United Party.
Reporter: What was a topic which was of highest priority of persons who attended?
Julius Espat: The topic was Where Were you and What Are You Doing Today? That was the topic in reality the Sarstoon and people wanted to know how you guys were being treated by the Guatemalans, they wanted to know what was the response of the Belize government. I think that was a major part of the discussion and the questions, and apart from that they wanted to know what our policies were on certain things; education, social justice, what would the party do once we get into government and stuff like that. And it was localized, lot of the villagers came out and spoke about the concerns they have in their different villages, it was mostly the party leader that got an opportunity to speak to his people and to answer their questions.vlcsnap-2015-08-18-19h41m25s390 vlcsnap-2015-08-18-19h42m23s266

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